Devotional Programs by G.Mahipal Reddy .

Devotional Programs by G.Mahipal Reddy .

Patancheru Leader G. Mahipal Reddy apart from helping poor, encouraging youth, guiding his cadre he is very devotional and a very big devotee of Lord Shiva. He not only worshipping his religion but he is also good at respecting other religions. Patancheru MLA is very big devotional person like Telangana CM KCR gaaru.

Telangana CM KCR gaarunot only does huge poojas, yagnam which no leader does till now in India expect King Sri Krishna devaraya , but he has great faith towards other religions like Muslim and Christianity. In the same way Patancheru dynamic leader G. Mahipal Reddy gaarualso does huge poojas and yagnams in his constituency. In the same way he also respects other religions.

Patancheru Leader G. Mahipal Reddy believes in “sabkamalikekhai ” so he built many temples, churches and Masjids. He also supported to build many holy places in his constituency.

G Mahipal Reddy on 11th of April, 2017 participated in shobayatra with Patancheru constituency youth on the occasion of Veera Hanuman Janmothsavam. He also wished that lord Hanuman will bless all the people around the world with good health and wealth.

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