Health care centre compound wall foundation By G.Mahipal Reddy.

Health care centre compound wall foundation By G.Mahipal Reddy.

Patancheru MLA G Mahipal Reddy gaaru laid foundation for Jinnaram primary health centre compound wall worth 5 lakhs with Jinnaram Mandal  and village leaders.

                    In this meeting he told that we can do anything if we are physically fit, so he gave direction to the people to be healthy and wealthy. He also suggested having nutritious food which helps people to be far from hospitals. He also advised mothers to give good healthy food to children because these children are tomorrow’s future. 

              G Mahipal Reddy told that Telangana government is very much concern on people health. He told that the government is building four big multispecialty hospitals in Hyderabad which will help not only the people in Hyderabad but also people who comes from district. Government also gave lots funds to Gandhi and Nilofer hospital for modernisation.

                          In adding to this he told that we will work together for healthy Telangana for that we already have one big hospital in Patancheru and will create more in each mandal and villages based on requirement.

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