Patancheru Leader Issues Kalyana lakshmi cheques.

Patancheru Leader Issues Kalyana lakshmi cheques.

On 30th April 2017 Patancheru MLA G. Mahipal Reddy gaaruissued 60 cheques to the members who are eligible for KALYANA LAXMI and SHAADI MUBARAAK. Overall  43 members to Patancheru mandal and 17 members to Gumadidhalamandal worth of 30,60,000/-. Patancheru leader along with Medak MP Prabhakar Reddy, Mandal President Dhasaradh Reddy , MPP SrisailamYadav,EX MPTC Venkat Reddy, Committee Chairmen Kumar Goud, Jinnaram MPP Ravinder Reddy, Indresha MPTC Anthi Reddy , EX SarpanchVenkat Reddy and other TRS cadre participated in this event which helps poor and needy.

Patancheru leader assured that Telangana government and he is always ready to support weaker section irrespective of religion and caste. He also said that Telangana Government is elected by poor and will do all welfare programs to poor and needy.

             Patancheru MLA G Mahipal Reddy along with party leaders participated in developmental activities and he also asked people to support in all the government welfare programs. He also enquired pending works to the government officials and village and mandal leaders, asked them to complete all these pending works as soon as possible so that people should not suffer because of these works.

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