Various development programs by G.Mahipal Reddy.

Various development programs by G.Mahipal Reddy.

Our Dynamic Pantancheru Leader, G.Mahipal Reddy is taking part in various development programs and Schemes for the welfare of the people.

1. Installation of new Solar Street Lights

2. Up-gradation of Gravel / WBM Roads to BT standard. Renewal of badly worn-out BT roads (laying of BT layer only with filling up of potholes, if necessary).

3. Laying of Cement Concrete Roads

5 .Developing the compound walls for Government and Local Body Hospitals, Primary Health Centre’s, Government Veterinary Hospitals and also for Government Schools andPanchayat Union Schools.

6. Providing infrastructural facilities to Government Special Schools for the differently abled and Government Orphanages.

7. Construction of Bridges.

8. Constructing additional Burial Grounds / Cremation Grounds to the Village Panchayats.

9. Provision of Concrete Pavements with storm water drains, if so required

10.Formation of new Public Parks

11.Construction of Public Toilets.

12.Repairing and renovation of Over Head Tanks, Ground Level Reservoirs and main pipelines, Integrated Sanitary Complexes for Women, etc., have been taken up for renovation under the Scheme.

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