Patancheru MLA- Gudem mahipal reddy.

wel fare programs

Peoples leader G.Mahipal reddy have fulfilled many promises made at election campaign.He is the only Mla who have brought 600cr  from the government to complete many developement programs in Patancheru constituency. Since he was elected as Mla, G.Mahipal reddy have been working hard to make Patancheru constituency is an role model to other constituencies in telangana.

We have listed few of his welfare programs below.

1) G. Mahipal reddy invested almost 1cr 30lakhs GOVT funds to improve the ground water in Patancheru constituency villages.
2) G. Mahipal reddy brought 608crs from Telangana GOVT to Patancheru constituency for the improvement of his constituency
3) For Rythu runamafi 21.84crs. 
4) 46.83crs from panchayathi raj ministry
5) 103.40crs for Radial roads in patancheru constituency 
6) 8.40crs for village water supply
7) 176.41crs for civil,irrigation and metro water works
8) 11.43crs and 6.89crs for heath improvement patancheru constituency
9) 84lakhs for SC,ST marriges(Kalyana lakshmi) 
10) 98lakhs Cm relief fund for poor people welfare in patancheru constituency.....  

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